How Much Does Sublime Web Design Charge for Website Development?

Have you ever wanted to know what it takes for your digital dreams to turn into a glorious reality? Let’s chat about one of the most burning questions in your mind: “What’s the cost going to be?” Or perhaps Sublime Web Design considers themselves ‘Honest Blokes – honest web design. So, it’s high time we delved into the world of web development pricing, considering real examples from our satisfied clients.

Understanding the Pricing Puzzle

Customised Solutions, Not Cookie-Cutter Prices: Just like every kangaroo hops in its own way, we approach each web design project that we undertake differently. We do not have standard pricing. Instead, we customize our quotes to fit your requirements and dreams.

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Web Design: 53 CSS Tricks In One Place

A nice little round-up of 53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without, over at 9tricks. These represent the leading edge in everything CSS is capable of lately. It’s surprising that we don’t have more of it deployed.

A few observations on the list:

  • We’ve seen 1001 rounded corners tutorials, but none of them will compare with the one-line ‘border-radius’ feature… when all web browsers support them.
  • Wrapping text around an image – every hack for this we’ve seen deployed so far works in two browsers and breaks in all the others.
  • The dynamic piechart looks like one of those painfully-obvious image-sprite hacks, but you have to admit you never thought of it until you saw it.
  • The adaptive layout technique – this is the next feature we’re going to be crying for better solutions for, in HTML6 and CSS4. The massive array of screen widths we now have to deal with, from pocket-mobile devices to ridiculous monitors the size of a swimming pool, is a mark that it’s high time the device took care of more of this for us.