7 Reasons Relocating Your Business Can Boost Your Profits

Companies decide to relocate for multiple reasons, and doubtless hope that by doing so, they are placing that business in a position to grow and to expand. However, for those who might still be doubting the wisdom of an office relocation, you should be aware that there are multiple ways that it can boost the number one aim of any business, and that is generating profits.

Now, some business owners might be put off relocating due to the costs and upheaval involved. However, hiring professional office removalists will ensure any upheaval is kept to an absolute minimum, and better than that, once the relocation is complete, the following seven benefits should ensure that those costs are not only covered, but that profit levels increase very soon.

#1 Staff Morale Increases As Does Their Productivity: Moving to newer premises is like a fresh start for everyone within your business, especially your staff. This should see them happier at work, and this, along with their workplace being a better environment, should lead to greater productivity, and reductions in negatives like absenteeism or workplace disputes.

#2 Larger Premises Allow For Greater Output: This will apply to some businesses more than others, but it stands to reason that if a business is operating in larger premises than it did previously, then the level of its output should increase also. This will especially be the case in manufacturing businesses, but it can also apply to service businesses as well, such as those in the logistics industry. Greater output means increased sales and thus, greater profits.

#3 Your Company’s Brand Has A Higher Profile: Customers like to purchase from brands they know and feel they can trust. This tends to be an advantage that larger brands have. So, if your business’s brand has a higher profile in your local area because it has moved to new, larger, or state of the art premises, then it follows that trust in your brand will increase, leading to increased sales and profits.

#4 You Have Greater Storage Capacity: For those businesses that rely on storage facilities and warehousing to any degree, moving to larger premises where that storage capacity increases, should benefit them hugely. This mainly accrues from having greater buying capacity and thus being able to negotiate more favourable prices from suppliers due to you buying increased quantities of raw materials and wholesale goods. Reduced costs invariably equal greater profits.

#5 You Are Closer To Your Customer Base: This is a bit of a no-brainer in that if you are located closer to where your target market is located then it is certain that you have a greater opportunity to increase the number of sales and in turn profits.

#6 Enhance First Impressions For Those Who Visit Your Premises: Sales experts will tell you that the first impression you make on a prospect can make or break your chances of achieving a sale. By that same principle, if prospective clients are visiting your offices to negotiate potential sales, your chances of achieving them are greatly enhanced because your new premises will give them a fantastic first impression of your company.

#7 You Can Relaunch Your Business: A business relocation is a fantastic opportunity to generate lots of publicity, and from that, lots of new customers. You can run special relaunch probations, not just to attract new customers but also for existing customers so that they increase their next order value.