10 Web Designers Who Have Become Celebrities Within Their Industry

Lots of professions have individuals who become so good at what they do and so well known that they become celebrities within their industry, and that certainly applies to web designers. When we use the word “celebrity” in relation to web designers, we are not suggesting that they are going to have the high profile of a celebrity chef like Gordon Ramsey or a celebrity dog trainer such as Steve Austin.

We have to be realistic and accept that a website being created will not attract TV audiences like a dog being trained to do tricks or a fantastic meal being prepared and cooked would. In that sense, we have to define web designer celebrities as being well-known and highly admired within the web design industry versus instantly recognized by the wider population.

However, that should not diminish what some of the celebrity web designers we highlight have achieved. Some have created entire web-building languages, others are pioneers in how websites should look, and some are years ahead when developing the latest website functionality. Beyond the ten web designers selected there are many more, so we are not suggesting that these are the “Top Ten”, but instead ten web designers we felt deserved recognition.

Håkon Wium Lie: Regarded as a web design pioneer and a campaigner for high web standards, he is responsible for the creation of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which has transformed the appearance of websites.

Ethan Marcotte: Responsive websites are at the core of modern web design, and that is mainly due to Ethan Marcotte being one of the first to define the principles of responsive web design and educate other web designers on its implementation.

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